Monday, October 6, 2008

Cholesterol Awareness Quiz

1. It is important to know my cholesterol numbers because:
a) they help predict my chances of having a heart attack;
b) I may be asked to remember them on a game show;
c) heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men and women in the United States.

2. Which of these are major risk factors for heart disease?
a) smoking;
b) diabetes;
c) high blood pressure;
d) Listening to the presidential debates.

3. HDL and LDL are:
a) secret government codes;
b) cholesterol particles in our blood that help predict the health of our heart and arteries;
c) substances known as "lipoproteins."

4. HDL cholesterol is:
a) "healthful";
b) best if "high";
c) a blessing to heart health.

5. HDL cholesterol is improved with:
a) star-gazing;
b) sleep;
c) exercise.

6. LDL cholesterol is:
a) "lousy";
b) best if "low,"
c) apt to become oxidized and clog arteries.

7. A diet that can decrease LDL cholesterol is:
a) high in soluble fiber;
b) low in saturated fat;
c) not likely to be found in a trick-or-treat bag.

8. Which of these foods are good sources of soluble fiber?
a) dried peas and beans;
b) oats;
c) Hot Cheetos.

9. Researchers recommend "TLC" to reduce our risk for heart disease. TLC stands for:
a) Tender Loving Care;
b) Treat Lipoproteins Carefully;
c) Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.

10. Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes to lower LDL cholesterol include:
a) running a marathon;
b) eating a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol;
c) weight loss;
d) 30 minutes of physical exercise most days.

11. Foods low in saturated fat include:
a) fruit ;
b) nuts;
c) double bacon cheeseburgers.

12. Examples of how to eat less saturated fat include:
a) snack on nuts instead of cheese;
b) use olive oil instead of butter;
c) skip the hot dog.

13. Stanols and sterols are:
a) interesting names for twins;
b) substances naturally present in plants that can lower blood cholesterol;
c) added to some foods such as margarine and orange juice.

14. Thirty minutes of regular physical exercise on most days can:
a) lower bad LDL cholesterol;
b) raise good HDL cholesterol;
c) make your heart muscle work more efficiently.

15. True or False: My day-to-day eating and exercise habits can help or hurt my heart.

ANSWERS: (1) a,c (2) a,b,c (3) b,c (4) all correct (5) c (6) all correct (7) all correct (8) a,b (9) c (10) b,c,d (11) a,b (12) all correct (13) b,c (14) all correct (15) true

Author: Barbara Quinn is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Originally printed in the Monterey County Herald.