Thursday, November 15, 2012

Failing NCAA Drug Tests: Who's To Blame

Being in the business of evaluating an evergrowing volume of nutritional supplements, it is important to understand many of the implications that surround the use of these performance enhancing drugs. The NCAA has a general list of the types of supplements and classes of drugs that are considered banned substances, but the problem is that the market is just flooded with thousands of banned supplement ingredients that can hide behind chemical names. Recent examples of this are the use of products like Jacked3D and Pure Power that make claims of increased endurance and improved recovery without the disclosure of it's NCAA banned substance DMAA. This makes it hard for even the qualified individual to know what athletes might be taking. In this article found in The Sports Digest, you will read about collegiate athletes that have fallen victim to the ever confusing world of nutritional supplementation and how the NCAA governs its use.
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